The 3-RPS Cube parallel manipulator, a three-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator initially proposed by Huang et al. in 1995, is analysed in this paper with an algebraic approach, namely Study kinematic mapping of the Euclidean group SE(3) and is described by a set of eight constraint equations.

A primary decomposition is computed over the set of eight constraint equations and reveals that the manipulator has only one operation mode. Inside this operation mode, it turns out that the direct kinematics of the manipulator with arbitrary values of design parameters and joint variables, has sixteen solutions in the complex space. A geometric interpretation of the real solutions is given.

The singularity conditions are obtained by deriving the determinant of the Jacobian matrix of the eight constraint equations. All the singular poses are mapped onto the joint space and are geometrically interpreted. By parametrizing the set of constraint equations under the singularity conditions, it is shown that the manipulator is in actuation singularity. The uncontrolled motion gained by the platform is also provided.

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