Modern day systems often require reconfigurability in the operating parameters of the transmit and receive antennas, such as the resonant frequency, radiation pattern, impedance, or polarization. In this work a novel approach to antenna reconfigurability is presented by integrating antennas with the ancient art of origami. The proposed antenna consists of an inkjet printed center-fed spiral antenna, which is designed to resonate at 1.0GHz and have a reconfigurable radiation pattern while maintaining the 1.0GHz resonance with little variation in input impedance. When flat, the antenna is a planar spiral exhibiting a bidirectional radiation pattern. By a telescoping action, the antenna can be reconfigured into a conical spiral with a directional pattern and higher gain, which gives the antenna a large front-to-back ratio. Construction of the antenna in this manner allows for a simple, lightweight, transportable antenna that can expand to specifications in the field.

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