In this paper, we address the enhanced state estimation and prediction system for automobile applications by fusing relatively low-cost and noisy Inertial Navigation System (INS) sensing with Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements. An unscented Kalman filter is used to merge multi-rate measurements from GPS and INS sensors together with a high-fidelity vehicle-dynamics model for state-predictions. The high-fidelity motion model (including suspension-effects) for the vehicle motion trajectory on uneven terrain is captured by a 20-state system of nonlinear differential equations. Computer simulation results illustrate the effectiveness of sensor-fusion (building upon the merger of an inexpensive INS sensing with GPS based measurements) to accurately estimate the full system-state. The relative ease of implementation, accuracy and predictive performance with low-cost sensing will facilitate its use in various electronic control and safety-systems, such as Electronic Stability Program, Anti-lock Brake Systems, and the Lateral Dynamic Stability Control.

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