One of most important components in power generator is a stator winding since an unexpected failure of the water absorbed-winding leads to plant shut-down and substantial loss. Typically the stator winding is maintained with a time- or usage-based strategy, which could result in substantial waste of remaining life, high maintenance cost and low plant availability. Recently, the field of prognostics and health management offers general diagnostic and prognostic techniques to precisely assess the health condition and robustly predict the remaining useful life of an engineered system, with an aim to address the aforementioned deficiencies. This research aims at developing health reasoning system of power generator stator winding with physical and statistical analysis against water absorption. And it is based upon the capacitance measurements on winding insulations. In particular, a new health measure, Directional Mahalanobis Distance (DMD), is proposed to quantify the health condition. In addition, the empirical health grade system based upon the proposed technique, DMD, is carried out with the maintenance history. The smart health reasoning system is validated using eight years’ field data from eight generators, each of which contains forty two windings.

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