This paper investigated the electromagnetic shunted TMD, which consisted of a single degree-of-freedom (DOF) primary mechanical system, an electromagnetic transducer and a resonant circuit. It can provide similar vibration mitigation performance as the traditional TMD system without introducing additional mass. The analytical solutions to the optimal parameters are obtained using both H2 and H optimization criteria. The optimal parameters are summarized in a closed form, which can be useful for practical implementation. The sensitivity analysis carried out in this paper also suggested that the vibration mitigation performance is not sensitive to the damping ratio namely the resistance of the circuit, while it is very sensitive to the frequency off tuning namely the capacitance or inductor of the circuit. Besides, this paper also investigated the parameter optimization for energy harvesting using the electromagnetic shunted resonant circuit. It is found that the power is independent of the parameters under white noise force disturbance, in a similar way as the finding on the dual-mass vibration energy harvester. The resonant circuit can also enhance the maximum energy harvesting rate.

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