Planar-type voice coil motor (VCM) is a key component in ultra-precision motion of fine stage of lithography machine. The reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) method given in this work provides a novel criterion to ensure performance of Lorentz motors by evaluating the reliability of force constant. To solve the reliability based design optimization problem in discrete space with the speed of decoupled loop in sequential optimization and reliability assessment (SORA) for global solution, a Sequential Particle Swarm Optimization and Reliability Assessment method is proposed. The reliability boundary shift is put into penalty function for constrained optimization in fitness evaluation of particle swarm optimization (PSO). The presented optimization design model, the geometric parameters of the studied Planar-type VCM in finite element model are treated as design variables whereas the thrust force constant is an output quantity of interests. By using electromagnetic analysis, the desired requirements of Lorentz motors are verified.

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