Stability studies of parametrically excited systems are frequently carried out by numerical methods. Especially for LTP-systems, several such methods are known and in practical use. This study investigates and compares two methods that are both based on Floquet’s theorem.

As an introductary benchmark problem a 1-dof system is employed, which is basically a mechanical representation of the damped Mathieu-equation. The second problem to be studied in this contribution is a time-periodic 2-dof vibrational system. The system equations are transformed into a modal representation to facilitate the application and interpretation of the results obtained by different methods.

Both numerical methods are similar in the sense that a monodromy matrix for the LTP-system is calculated numerically. However, one method uses the period of the parametric excitation as the interval for establishing that matrix. The other method is based on the period of the solution, which is not known exactly.

Numerical results are computed by both methods and compared in order to work out how they can be applied efficiently.

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