The multibody dynamics and finite element simulation code has been developed since 1997. In the past years, more than 10 researchers have contributed to certain parts of HOTINT, such as solver, graphical user interface, element library, joint library, finite element functionality and port blocks. Currently, a script-language based version of HOTINT is freely available for download, intended for research, education and industrial applications. The main features of the current available version include objects like point mass, rigid bodies, complex point-based joints, classical mechanical joints, flexible (nonlinear) beams, port-blocks for mechatronics applications and many other features such as loads, sensors and graphical objects. HOTINT includes a 3D graphical visualization showing the results immediately during simulation, which helps to reduce modelling errors. In the present paper, we show the current state and the structure of the code. Examples should demonstrate the easiness of use of HOTINT.

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