In this investigation, use of the LuGre tire friction model for the transient brake force analysis is discussed. In particular, a numerical procedure for estimating parameters for the LuGre tire force model is developed. The parameters of the distributed LuGre model are identified such that the error function of tire forces obtained using the model and experiment can be minimized. Friction parameters used in the LuGre tire force model are estimated using the characteristics curve of the friction coefficient as a function of the slip velocity first, and then the adhesion parameter is estimated using the slope around the zero slip ratio using the least square fitting. Iterative solution procedures are then employed to identify the overall model parameters using the initial estimates provided. It is demonstrated that use of the proposed numerical procedure leads to accurate prediction of the LuGre model parameters for various loading and speed conditions. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the decrease in the peak of the brake force as the increase in the running speed can be well predicted using the transient distributed LuGre tire force model with model parameters predicated using the proposed procedure.

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