We present an efficient and robust approach for enforcing the loop closure constraint at acceleration, velocity and position level in modeling multi-rigid body system dynamics. Our approach builds on the seminal ideas of the Divide and Conquer Algorithm (DCA) and the Augmented Lagrangian Method (ALM). The order-independent hierarchic assembly-disassembly process of the DCA provides an excellent opportunity for modularizing the system topology such that the loop closure constraints can be elegantly handled using constraint enforcement ideas motivated by the ALM. We present a non-iterative, user controlled constraint enforcement approach that enables robust constraint enforcement within the DCA. This approach eliminates the need for the iterative scheme found in many ALM motivated approaches. Similarly, it enables the use of relative or internal coordinates to model kinematic joint constraints not involved in the loop closure, thereby enforcing the constraints exactly for these joints. The approach also enables computationally very efficient serial and parallel implementations. Results from a number of test cases with single and couple closed loops are presented to demonstrate verification of the algorithm.

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