This paper presents the design of our new 33 degree of freedom full size humanoid robot, SAFFiR (Shipboard Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot). The goal of this research project is to realize a high performance mixed force and position controlled robot with parallel actuation. The robot has two 6 DOF legs and arms, a waist, neck, and 3 DOF hands/fingers. The design is characterized by a central lightweight skeleton actuated with modular ballscrew driven force controllable linear actuators arranged in a parallel fashion around the joints. Sensory feedback on board the robot includes an inertial measurement unit, force and position output of each actuator, as well as 6 axis force/torque measurements from the feet. The lower body of the robot has been fabricated and a rudimentary walking algorithm implemented while the upper body fabrication is completed. Preliminary walking experiments show that parallel actuation successfully minimizes the loads through individual actuators.

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