Foldcores are folded open cellular structures which are currently under development at Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB). The IFB has generated an integrated manufacturing process to produce foldcores, starting with the mathematical methods to design the required foldcore geometry to the point of realizing them in an automated and continuous fashion. By isometric folding of planar base materials foldcores can and have already been manufactured out of a large variety of materials: cardboard, papers, metals (aluminum, steel, titanium), different thermoplastic films (PC, PVC, PPSU, PEEK) as well as advanced fibre reinforced materials (glass, carbon, aramid fibres).

For the technical use of foldcores in sandwich structures it is necessary to supply a competitive level of mechanical performance. We discuss the mechanical properties of foldcores compared to other state of the art core materials. We detail the testing methods used to determine compression and shear strengths and stiffnesses, which are based upon international standards. Evaluation of the test results show potential for the use of foldcores in high performance lightweight structures, especially considering their unique multifunctional applicability.

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