The coupling between two opposite bars of the hinged parallelogram produces relative 1-DoF circular translation and the opposite bars can move but remain parallel. From the point of view of kinematics, a hinged parallelogram is equivalent to a prismatic pair for a small motion. On the basis of a special parallel mechanism with the limb architecture of type CPUh (C and P denote cylindrical and prismatic pairs; Uh indicates the pseudo-universal-joint having one revolute and one screw pairs with the intersecting axes), we provide one novel Schoenflies-motion isoconstrained CPaUh//CPaUh robot with only two limbs having the hinged parallelograms for the fast pick-and-place operation of the assembly and packaging applications. This type of robot is compact for not only its structure but also its actuation. The robot architecture and kinematics including inverse and forward solutions are studied. In addition, Jacobian matrix, singularity analysis and workspace are further discussed. It is hoped that the evaluations of such two-limb parallel mechanism can be useful for possible application in industry where pick-and-place motion and higher accuracy are required.

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