A mathmatical model of generating face-gear by grinding disk is developed. The influence of all kinds of errors of alignment and profile on face-gear flank deviation is considered and investigated in this model, such as offset error and pressure angle error of grinding disk, location error of virtual pinion axis. A optimization method for decreasing flank deviation is proposed. The corresponding correction parameters of machine which can be used for manufacturing face gear can be computed by this optimization method. In this method, the square sum of tooth surface deviation is taken to be the objective function. A grinding experiment of face-gear is performed on a CNC grinding machine with five degrees of freedom, and the tooth flank deviation is measured on gear measuring center. The flank deviation is very large due to some alignment errors in the beginning. When the grinding machine is adjusted by optimization computation results mentioned above, the measurement results show that the deviation of grinded face-gear flank is reduced substantially. The benefit is to improve the grinding quality of face-gear by this method.

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