This paper proposes a hybridization design and analysis of an air/electric power system in order to extend the service life of the batteries. During the analysis process, the dynamic model of air motor, electric motor and hybrid power mode will be constructed and used in the FPGA speed controller design. By the modular methodology of FPGA, the hybrid power system can successfully operate under ECE-40 driving cycle with PI speed controller. The testing results indicate that the total air consumption is about 256 liters under air motor mode and the electric energy consumption is about 530 coulombs under DC servo motor mode. However, in a hybrid mode, the current reduction of the battery is about 18.5%, and then the service life of the battery can be improved. In addition, the experimental data shows that the chattering ranges of the air motor and the electric motor are within ±1 km/h and ±0.2 km/h respectively under ECE-40 driving cycle testing.

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