In the presence of multiple optimal solutions in multi-modal optimization problems and in multi-objective optimization problems, the designer may be interested in the robustness of those solutions to make a decision. Here, the robustness is related to the sensitivity of the performance functions to uncertainties. The uncertainty sources include the uncertainties in the design variables, in the design environment parameters, in the model of objective functions and in the designer’s preference. There exist many robustness indices in the literature that deal with small variations in the design variables and design environment parameters, but few robustness indices consider large variations. In this paper, a new robustness index is introduced to deal with large variations in the design environment parameters. The proposed index is bounded between zero and one, and measures the probability of a solution to be optimal with respect to the values of the design environment parameters. The larger the robustness index, the more robust the solution with regard to large variations in the design environment parameters. Finally, two illustrative examples are given to highlight the contributions of this paper.

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