This paper presents a method to identify the exact Pareto front for a multi-objective optimization problem. The developed technique addresses the identification of the Pareto frontier in the cost space and the Pareto set in the design space for both constrained and unconstrained optimization problems. The proposed approach identifies a n – 1 dimensional hypersurface for a multi-objective problem with n cost functions, a subset of which constitute the Pareto front. The n – 1 dimensional hypersurface is identified by enforcing a singularity constraint on the Jacobian of the cost vector with respect to the optimization parameters. Since the boundary is identified in the design space, the relation of design points to the exact Pareto front in the cost space is known. The proposed method is proven effective in the Pareto identification for a set of previously released challenge problems. Six of these examples are included in this paper; 3 unconstrained and 3 constrained.

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