To investigate the energy consumption related to auxiliary devices, as a basis for optimizing the auxiliary systems’ layout and identifying potential for fuel consumption reduction, a study has been carried out at Scania CV AB. The following auxiliary devices have been investigated: Alternator, water pump, cooling fan, air compressor, air conditioning compressor, oil pump and power steering pump. Those auxiliary devices represent 5–7% of the total fuel consumption in long haulage truck applications, while for a city bus the figure could be as high as 50%. One of the challenges of evaluating the fuel consumption of auxiliary devices is the variance: it depends on many factors including road data, driver profile, ambient conditions (temperature, pressure, precipitation) and more. To investigate this variance, test data collected from the Scania test fleet has been analyzed. The data are used as input to a MATLAB/Simulink model of the auxiliary systems. This way, a large population of trucks has been investigated, for many driving cycles under realistic conditions. A general model for reducing fuel consumption for auxiliary systems has been developed.

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