Wind turbines have become the sustainable backbone of green energy. This is not least because of the development of complex models enabling numerical simulation of the turbine dynamics. Such simulation models, combining non-linear flexible and rigid substructures, wind field as well as converter and operational management, allow for detailed investigations of all parts of the turbine and its overall performance. However, such investigations require to long simulation times.

For a wind turbine design to get certified it must pass extensive simulation runs. The current standards require a few thousand different load case scenarios, which apparently poses a great challenge to the simulation tools. Even more, automatic mass simulation of predefined load cases requires capabilities that standard simulation tools are lacking, including parallel computation features indispensable for such applications.

In this paper a tailored software solution for distributed batch simulation of wind turbines is presented. The turbine model is described in detail and the implementation in the commercial multibody software alaska is outlined. Special emphasize is given to the structure of the software. The simulation tool is validated and successfully applied in the industrial design and certification.

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