In this paper a modular numerical simulation model for hybrid powertrains is presented. The simulation model is based on common design parameters and measurements for fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. Implemented in Simulink, the main model is expandable to combine the strengths of different types of simulation tools. As the design process proceeds, parts of the model can gradually be replaced with instances containing one or more subsystem modelled in the appropriate tool, including CAD, FEA and MBD, incrementally increasing the accuracy of the model of the overall system yet keeping the simulation time reasonable. Subsystems can be replaced to support hardware input and/or output, resulting in a so-called hardware-in-the-loop simulation. The presented system has shown to be modular as all the components contain their physical properties and can be modified, replaced or reorganized without the modification of any other subsystem. The simulation model of the powertrain is easily modified in order to allow the simulation of multiple designs with the same components. The systeam also has the same information flow as would be observed in a physical powertrain.

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