In this research, the simplest kinematical models of triangular and rectangular plate finite elements using the absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF) are presented. The ANCF is the finite-element large-displacement-and-rotation approach, which uses the inertial-frame nodal position vectors and their derivatives (slopes) only, without employing any rotation parameters or their equivalent. As a consequence, the kinematics of the elements becomes linear, simplifying the inertia part of the equations of motion, which is also linear. In contrary, due to the need for employing the Green-Lagrange strain tensor, the elastic forces normally appear in a more complicated highly-nonlinear manner than in other large-rotation formulations. In this research, to reduce the computational burden, two new plate elements are proposed that are the simplest possible triangular and rectangular elements in the fully-parameterized ANCF: they employ transverse slopes only, without using longitudinal slopes.

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