Subcritical twice-running-speed resonances of a paper machine tube roll are studied in this paper. Resonances arise partly from the non-idealities of the rotor and partly from the non-idealities of the bearings. Resonances are affecting the quality of end product and therefore have to be studied precisely. The complex rotor-bearing system is modeled by using a flexible multibody simulation approach. Non-idealities of the rotor-bearing system are measured from the existing structure under investigation and the parameters of the real structure are emulated as accurately as possible in the simulation model. The simulation model is verified using the results from experimental modal analysis and the measurement results for the subcritical twice-running-speed response of the roll. The inertia modeling of the flexible rotor is also studied. It is found that inertia coupling between the rigid body rotation and body deformation must be included into analysis in order to achieve accurate results.

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