This paper presents a simple and systematic method for type synthesis of four-degree-of-freedom uncoupled parallel manipulators with two-translational and two-rotational (2T2R) motion components. Based on the concept of hybrid manipulator, one uncoupled 2T2R hybrid manipulator, which is composed of one full-isotropic planar 2T1R parallel manipulator and one revolute joint in serial assembly, is designed first. Then the structure synthesis of the fourth leg of 2T2R parallel manipulator is performed in terms of the reciprocal screw theory. Finally, the type synthesis of uncoupled 2T2R parallel manipulators is realized by combining the uncoupled 2T2R hybrid manipulator and one of the synthesized fourth legs. The Jacobian of the uncoupled 2T2R parallel manipulator is a 4×4 diagonal matrix. Therefore, there exists a one-to-one correspondence between the input velocity space of the actuated joints and the output velocity space of the moving platform. Moreover, both the control design and the path planning of these proposed manipulators are very simple.

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