The main purpose of this study is to use an R-test measurement device to estimate the geometric location error of the axis of rotation of five-axis machine tools. The error model of CNC machine tool describes the relationship between the individual error source and its effects on the overall position errors. This study based ISO230 to construct a geometric error model used to measure errors in the five-axis machine tools for the R-test measurement device. This model was then used to reduce the five-axis geometric error model based solely on the location error of the axis of rotation. Moreover, based on the simplified model and the overall position errors measured by the R-test with path K4, the location errors of rotary axes and ball position errors can be estimated very accurately with the least square estimation method. Finally, paths K1 and K2 were used as testing paths. The results of the test showed that the model built in this study is accurate and is effective in estimating errors.

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