The Predictive Product Lifecycle Design (PPLD) model that is proposed in this paper enables a company to optimize its product lifecycle design strategy by considering pre-life and end-of-life at the initial design stage. By combining lifecycle design and predictive trend mining technique, the PPLD model can reflect both new and remanufactured product market demands, capture hidden and upcoming trends, and finally provide an optimal lifecycle design strategy in order to maximize profit over the span of the whole lifecycle. The outcomes are lifecycle design strategies such as product design features, the need for buy-backs at the end of its life, and the quantity of products remanufacturing. The developed model is illustrated with an example of a cell phone lifecycle design. The result clearly shows the benefit of the model when compared to a traditional Pre-life design model. The benefit would be increased profitability, while saving more natural resources and reducing wastes for manufacturers own purposes.

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