We have developed a prototype of web based CAE system with HTML5 and WebGL technology and the ADVENTURE system. The main system including solver part is operated on the remote server like a cloud computing and user interface client is operated in a web browser on the Internet devices (including PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices) without any additional software or plug-ins.

In this system, we use the ADVENTURE system as server-side CAE system. The ADVENTURE system is a general-purpose computational analysis system we have been developing. Aim of the system is to enable to analyze a three dimensional finite element model of arbitrary shape over 100 million Degrees Of Freedom (DOF) mesh on massive parallel computers like a large-scale PC cluster or a super computer. To solve large scale problem, domain-decomposition-based parallel algorithms are implemented in pre-processes (domain decomposition), main processes (system matrix assembling and solutions) and post-process (visualization) of the ADVENTURE system, respectively. The hierarchical domain decomposition method (HDDM) with the balancing domain decomposition (BDD) as a pre-conditioned iterative solver is adopted in the main processes. Module-based architecture of the system with standardized I/O format and libraries are also developed and employed to attain flexibility, portability, extensibility and maintainability of the whole system.

Since the software has become a quite large system, it is not easy to install or operate the system on parallel machines by users. To solve this issue, the authors have been developed CAE system for large scale problems based on computer network. With this system, the main system including solver part is operated on the remote server like a cloud computing and to operate such a system from a client PC through the network. Users need not to touch server system and easy operation on client system was developed. But this system requires for users to install client software, which may become a barrier to start using the system.

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