Recent brain studies revealed brain and body cannot be separated. Further it revealed blood and muscles play an important role in our information processing. Bike riding is known as a typical example of tacit knowledge. Although there are efforts on how we can change such tacit or somatic/embodied knowledge of ours as this example into explicit one, we have been not so successful. From our past two series of experiments about detection of emotion from face and about calligraphy, we learned acceleration plays a crucial role. This paper attempts to represent somatic/knowledge representation as patterns of position and acceleration. This is still a preliminary study but it may lead us to another way of representing our tacit knowledge and thus we may develop another way of transferring tacit knowledge such as skills, bike riding, etc in the form of patterns of position and acceleration. Mechanical engineering is a tangible engineering. Therefore the author would like to emphasize the importance of exploring how we can represent our somatic/embodied knowledge. This is a very much preliminary step toward that goal.

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