This paper uses the Reduced Order Model (ROM) method to investigate the influence of nonlinearities from parametric electrostatic excitation due to soft AC voltage of frequency near half natural frequency of the MEMS cantilever resonator on its frequency response. Most of the analysis in literature investigates pull-in phenomenon, stability, amplitude–frequency relations, or finds time responses of such systems. In this work it is showed that the bifurcation points in the amplitude-frequency response occur at lower frequencies and amplitudes than predicted by the Method of Multiple Scales (MMS), a perturbation method. This result is extremely important for predicting pull-in phenomena. Also the ROM predicts pull-in instability for large initial amplitudes and AC frequencies less than half natural frequency of the resonator. MMS fails to predict this behavior. Increasing the damping and/or decreasing the voltage increases the frequency at which the system undergoes into a pull-in phenomenon.

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