The Reynolds equation for the pressure distribution of the lubricant in a journal bearing with finite length is solved analytically. Using the method of the separation of variables in an additive and in a multiplicative form, a set of particular solutions of the Reynolds equation is added in the general solution of the homogenous Reynolds equation and a closed form expression for the definition of the lubricant pressure is presented. The Reynolds equation is split in four linear ordinary differential equations of second order with non constant coefficients and together with the boundary conditions they form four Sturm-Liouville problems with the three of them to have direct forms of solution and one of them to be confronted using the method of power series. The mathematical procedure is presented up to the point that the application of the boundaries for the pressure distribution yields the final definition of the solution with the calculation of the constants. The current work gives in detail the mathematical path with which the analytical solution is derived, and it ends with the pressure evaluation and a comparison with past numerical solutions and an approximate analytical solution for a finite bearing. Also the parameters of primary interest to the bearing designer, such as load capacity, attitude angle, and stiffness and damping coefficients are evaluated and compared with numerical results.

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