In ship and aircraft turbine rotors, the rotating mass unbalance and the different movements of the rotor base are among the main causes of vibrations in bending. The goal of this paper is to investigate the dynamic behavior of an on-board rotor under rigid base excitations. The modeling takes into consideration six types of base deterministic motions (rotations and translations) when the kinetic and strain energies in addition to the virtual work of the rotating flexible rotor components are computed. The finite element method is used in the rotor modeling by employing the Timoshenko beam theory. The proposed on-board rotor model takes into account the rotary inertia, the gyroscopic inertia, the shear deformation of shaft as well as the geometric asymmetry of shaft and/or rigid disk. The Lagrange’s equations are applied to establish the differential equations of the rotor in bending with respect to the rigid base which represents a noninertial reference frame. The linear equations of motion display periodic parametric coefficients due to the asymmetry of the rotor and time-varying parametric coefficients due to the base rotational motions. In the proposed applications, the rotor mounted on rigid/elastic bearings is excited by a rotating mass unbalance associated with sinusoidal vibrations of the rigid base. The dynamic behavior of the rotor is analyzed by means of orbits of the rotor as well as fast Fourier transforms (FFTs).

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