In this paper, the dynamic response of a harmonically forced Linear Oscillator (LO) strongly coupled to a Nonlinear Energy Sink (NES) is investigated theoretically and experimentally. The system studied comprises a linear oscillator subject to an imposed displacement with an embedded, purely cubic, NES. The behavior of the system is analyzed in the vicinity of 1:1 resonance. The complexification averaging technique is used to obtain modulation equations and the associated fixed points. These modulation equations are analyzed using asymptotic expansion to study the regimes related as relaxation oscillation of the slow flow called Strongly Modulated Response (SMR). The zones where SMR occur are computed using a mapping procedure. The Slow Invariant Manifolds (SIM) is used to derive a proper optimization procedure. It is shown that there exist an optimal zone in the parameter plane forcing amplitude–nonlinear stiffness, where SMR occurs without having a high amplitude detached resonance tongue. An experimental setup exhibits a strong mass asymmetry (mass ratio ≈ 1%). The cubic stiffness is realized geometrically with two linear spring that extend axially and are free to rotate. Using the previous optimized stiffness of the NES, different frequency response curves and associated zones of SMR are obtained for various forcing amplitude. Good agreement between theoretical and experimental results is observed. The reported experimental results confirm the design procedure, and the possible application of NES for vibration mitigation under periodic forcing.

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