This paper proposes a novel approach for dual-functional energy harvesting and vibration control by integrating the tuned mass damper (TMD) and electromagnetic shunted resonant damping. The viscous dissipative element between the TMD and primary system is replaced by an electromagnetic transducer shunted with a resonant RLC circuit. An efficient gradient based method is presented for the parameter optimization in the control framework for vibration suppression and energy harvesting. A case study is performed based on the Taipei 101 TMD. It is founded that by tuning the TMD resonance and circuit resonance close to that of the primary structure, the electromagnetic resonant shunt TMD achieves the enhanced effectiveness and robustness of double-mass series TMDs, without suffering from the significantly amplified motion stroke. It is also observed that the parameters and performance optimized for vibration suppression are close to those optimized for energy harvesting, and the performances are not sensitive to the resistance of the charging circuit or electrical load.

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