A common denominator in all types of racing cars is the need for more traction and road holding, which is limited in traction to the capability of the dynamics of the vehicle, and its tires. Accurate modeling and formulation of the vehicle behavior helps to determine its cornering limits, road stability and handling. A design solution, based on the properties of an aerodynamic system, is developed to study the dynamic performance of a small size racing car. It is shown that the aerodynamic system increases the capability by algorithmic supply of the desired down-forces. The real-time adjustment of the airfoil combinations requires detailed analysis and formulation of the dynamic properties of the vehicle. Also the aerodynamic properties of the configuration of airfoils’ system should be considered. In this paper, implementation of an active aerodynamics inverted wings is investigated for a low-speed, high-down-force application in a typical Formula racing vehicle and detailed analysis and formulation are presented.

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