In Polymer gears, the rise in temperature not only influences gear rigidity but also tooth geometry. This paper presents methods to represent the influence of temperature by change in micro-geometry and macro-geometry parameters of the gear tooth. These macro and micro-geometry parameters of gear are entered into advanced gear analysis programs such as those for performing load distribution analysis and transmission error prediction. This theoretical model assumes linear thermal expansion of the material of the gear. This model is verified using a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the gear tooth. Two approaches were successfully used to model the thermal expansion of the material, one being to change the module of the gear and the other being to apply a pressure angle slope change to the tooth form. The profile change was verified by elevating the temperature of plastic gears of several materials and then measuring them on a Gear–Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. The two approaches were used in compatible load analysis programs that produced essentially identical transmission error predictions.

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