A hot-roll finishing was proposed as a simple finishing method for plastic gears. In the hot-roll finishing, plastic work gears are finished by meshing with a heated copper die wheel. In the previous study, a hot-roll finishing rig for plastic gears was developed, and it was confirmed that tooth profiles of hobbed plastic gears are improved by the finishing. Thus, the hot-roll finishing could also be effective for injection-molded plastic gears. In the present paper, appropriate hot-roll finishing procedures for injection-molded polyoxymethylene (POM) helical gears were pursued. In the injection molding, an inadequate mold easily allows large slope deviations on a tooth profile and trace. The hot-roll finishing can reduce the slope deviations, but induces form deviations especially on the profile. Tests of injection-molded and hot-roll-finished plastic gears were performed on a self-produced gear roller test rig and a self-produced fatigue rig, and a transmission error and load capacity were estimated. Compared with injection-molded gears, hot-roll-finished plastic gears showed small transmission error, while a load capacity was at the almost same level. As a result, the hot-roll finishing is effective for improving a transmission error of injection-molded plastic gears.

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