Circular pitches of flex spline teeth of a ‘Strain Wave Gearing’, also known as a ‘Harmonic Drive’, are deformed when the Strain Wave Generating Cam is inserted into the flex spline cup. In the present work the deformed pitch distances considering that flex spline teeth remain rigid while the rim deforms, are estimated. No applied load is considered. It is also shown that if the cam is elliptical then the pitch curve is not an ellipse and vice versa. Geometries of such curves can be defined following the analysis presented in this paper. Cases of both undeformed flex spline with circular spline and deformed flex spline with circular spline, with involute teeth, are considered to find out tooth positions. Geometries of involute teeth profiles in mesh are examined and compared considering oval shaped (on deformation) base drum of flex spline where as base circle of circular spline remained circular.

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