Construction equipment is heavily loaded during normal operation. In recent years, there is a trend that lower gear noise levels are demanded for driver to avoid annoyance and fatigue of operation. For articulated haulers, meshing transmission error (T.E.) is the excitation that leads the tonal noise known as gear whine, and radiated gear whine is also the dominant source of noise in gearbox. This paper presents a method for the analysis of the tooth modification, and the prediction of transmission error under the loaded torque for the spur gear pair of the articulated hauler’s final drive. And the transmission error, contact stress, root stress and load distribution are also calculated and compared before and after tooth modification under one torque. The simulation result shows that the transmission error and stress under the load can be minimized by the appropriate tooth modification. It is a good approach where the simulated result is used to improve the design before the prototype is available for the test.

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