One of the most important phenomena related to electrically actuated micro and nano electromechanical systems (MEMS\NEMS) is dynamic pull-in instability which occurs when the electrical attraction and beam inertia forces are more than elastic restoring force of the beam. According to failure of classical mechanics constitutive equations in prediction of dynamic behavior of small size systems, nonlocal theory is implemented here to analyze the dynamic pull-in behavior. Equation of motion of an electrostatically actuated micro to nano scale doubly clamped beam is rewritten using differential form of nonlocal theory constitutive equation. To analyze the nonlocal effect equation of motion is nondimentionalized. Governing partial differential equation is transformed to an ordinary differential equation using the Galerkin decomposition method and then is solved implementing differential quadrature method (DQM). Change of dynamic pull-in voltage with respect to size change is investigated. Results indicate as the beam length decreases dynamic pull-in voltage increases due to nonlocal effect and the difference with clasical mechanics results is up to 20% for nano beams.

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