This paper focuses on the prototype design of a 6-DOF compliant parallel micro-manipulator (PMM) with isotropic/decoupled performances. By investigating the incidence relation between inputs and outputs of the micro-manipulator, a design method for micro-manipulator is proposed and discussed based on screw theory. Using the method, a 6-DOF compliant PMM prototype driven by piezoelectric actuators is designed and manufactured. The PMM is designed with the monolithic structure, and its conventional joints are replaced by flexure hinges. In order to ensure the end-effector can reach the desired points with required orientations, the relation model between workspace and the parameters of piezoelectric actuator (PZT) is derived by considering input-force, payload, stiffness, displacement and the topology of the PMM. Finally, the experiment of the micro-manipulator prototype is performed to verify the above research results. The proposed method is systematic and useful for the design of 6-DOF PMMs.

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