This paper introduces a novel model reduction technique, namely Sub-System Global Modal Parameterization (SS-GMP), for real-time simulation of flexible multibody systems. In the past, other system-level model reduction techniques have been proposed for this purpose, but these were limited in applicability due to the large storage requirements for systems with many rigid degrees-of-freedom (DOFs). However, in the SS-GMP approach, the motion of a mechanism is split up into a global motion and a relative motion of the (sub-)system. The relative motion is then reduced according to the Global Modal Parameterization, which is a model reduction procedure suitable for closed chain flexible multibody systems. In combination with suitable explicit solvers, the SS-GMP approach enables (hard) real-time simulations due to the strong reduction in the number of DOFs and the conversion of a system of differential-algebraic equations into a system of ordinary differential equations. The proposed approach is validated numerically with a quarter-car model. This fully flexible mechanism is simulated faster than real-time on a regular PC with the SS-GMP approach while providing accurate results.

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