This paper is about fractional system identification of a thermal model of the lungs. Usually, during open-heart surgery, an extracorporeal circulation (ECC) is carried out on the patient. In order to plug the artificial heart/lung machine on the blood stream, the lungs are disconnected from the circulatory system. This may results in postoperative respiratory complications. A method to protect the lungs has been developed by surgeon and anesthetist. It is called: bronchial hypothermia. The aim is to cool the organ in order to slow down its deterioration. Unfortunately the thermal properties of the lungs are not well-known yet. Mathematical models are useful and needed in order to improve the knowledge of these organs. As proved by several previous works, fractional models are especially appropriate to model thermal systems (model compacity, accuracy) and the dynamic of fractal systems. Thus, fractional models of the lungs have been determined using time domain system identification with the Havriliak-Negami function. A comparison with integer order models was also carried out. The aim of this paper is to present the results of this study.

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