Applying continuous passive rehabilitation movements as part of the recovery program of patients with post-traumatic disabilities of the bearing joints of the inferior limbs requires the development of new high performance equipment. The proposed equipment is designed to be deployed in rehabilitation medical care, its specific objectives being maintenance and recovery of body functions by means of kinetic and orthotic techniques. The paper presents a variant of rehabilitation equipment the novelty of which consists in the utilization of compliant (soft) fluidic actuators of linear type and variable stiffness. The proposed rehabilitation equipment benefits from a cost efficient, simple and robust construction, being easy to use by persons affected by dysfunctions of the bearing joints. The paper presents kinematic, geometrical and dynamic modeling of the proposed rehabilitation equipment, highlighting its advantages compared to equipment endowed with electric-mechanical linkages. Further, the paper presents the actuation diagram of the equipment. Conceived to be actuated by pneumatic muscles the equipment represents an absolute novelty.

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