In the present works, we examine experimentally and theoretically the dynamic behavior of linear oscillator strongly coupled to a nonlinear energy sink under external periodic forcing. The nonlinear oscillator has a nonlinear restoring force realized geometrically with two linear springs that extend axially and are free to rotate. Hence, the force-displacement relationship is cubic. The linear oscillator is directly excited via an electrodynamic shaker. Experiments realized on the test bench consist of measuring the displacement of the oscillators while increasing and decreasing frequencies around the fundamental resonance of the linear oscillator. Many nonlinear dynamical phenomena are observed on the experimental setup such as jumps, bifurcation, and quasiperiodic regimes. The retained nonlinear model is a two degree of freedom system. The behavior of the system is then explained analytically and numerically. The complexification averaging technique is used to derive a set of modulation equation governing the evolution of the complex amplitude at the frequency of excitation, and a stability analysis is performed.

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