In recent years, Subsynchronous Resonance (SSR) and Subsynchronous Oscillation (SSO) are increasingly attracting more and more researchers’ interests in China. The network is encountering great changes and large-scale networks are increasingly implemented for long distance power transmission as well as various kinds of power electronic devices. Several SSO phenomena were monitored in a fossil-fired power plant in China in 2008. They were determined as complex factors’ co-activation between the network and the turbine generator. Multi-mode torsional vibration is one significant feature of torsional vibration caused by SSO. The paper simulates the multi-mode SSO based on the practical situation in China. The torsional vibration is studied to analyze the torsional vibration features under multimode SSO and the differences caused by different peak values and phases of electromagnetic torques. Based on some type of 600MW steam turbine generator, the fatigue damage of the shafts is studied.

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