In this paper, the meshless integral method based on the regularized boundary integral equation [1] is applied to analyze the metal forming processes characteristic with large deformation. Using Green-Naghdi’s theory, the updated Lagrangian governing integral equation is obtained from the weak form of elastoplasticity over a local sub-domain. The meshless function approximation is implemented by using the moving least-squares approximation. In Green-Naghdi’s theory, the Green-Lagrange strain is decomposed into the elastic part and plastic part and a J2 elastoplastic constitutive relation is used to relate the Green-Lagrange strain to the second Piola-Kirchhoff stress. The essential boundary conditions are imposed by a generalized collocation method and the natural boundary conditions are incorporated into the system governing equation and require no special handling. The solution algorithm for large deformation analysis is discussed in detail. Numerical examples show that this method is accurate and robust.

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