The paper describes the design specifications for a hand built wind turbine that is optimally used in regions such as North East China. The authors have developed a design for a home sized wind turbine. A region with some of the highest wind speeds in the world, North East Jilin is an ideal site for vertical axis wind power. Because of its ability to generate power best in high winds, a Darrieus-type turbine is the modified and tested design. Since it is low to the ground, it can be raised and lowered for maintenance and repair without need of expensive equipment or cranes. The design employs a direct drive shaft that can attach to a water pump, an air compressor, or a car alternator. In this way the owner of the turbine can pump water, compress air, or generate electricity depending on personal need. The turbine was designed considering probable implementation locations, and therefore all materials and fabrication techniques are easily accessible by the rural Chinese. The turbine was constructed and raised, and testing was begun.

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