The growing complexity in (Dutch) building practice necessitates developments in other aspects, besides specialized and professional skills. Therefore a new integral approach in building design education has been developed in close cooperation with building design practice. In 2005, the building services chair of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning of the TU/e commenced a multidisciplinary master project ‘Integral Design’ focused on a sustainable climatic design. In this and the following Multidisciplinary Master projects students of architecture, building technology, structural engineering and building services participated. The students began with a two days learning-by-practice workshop which was implemented and tested in collaboration with experienced professionals from the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) and the Dutch Association of Consulting Engineers (ONRI). This is one of the few projects in which the practical experience is transferred into the educational academic program; normally this process functions the other way around. The theoretical basis of the combined education of students and professionals is discussed and results presented. Quite remarkable is that these workshops by themselves have become part of the permanent professional educational program of the BNA.

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