Product development projects are difficult to plan due to complexity, dynamics, lack of transparency and polytely. Risk Management is often used to cope with this situation. Linkography (originally proposed by Goldschmidt) is adapted with the aim to ease the effort of the Risk Management process. The elements of the original method are transferred to the area of Project Risk Management, complemented by a real time scale, and cost information of elements. Linkography is used to focus all Risk Management activities on those work packages, which might affect the project the most in the case of failing the expected outcome. The number of links to other work packages, its duration and its costs defines the criticality of a work package. By applying Linkography as a Risk Management method, a prioritized list of work packages can be generated which pass consecutively through the usual Risk Management process. Unlike other methods, Linkography supports the user in a visual manner. Hence, Linkography can easily be used for communication with unskilled stakeholders.

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