More and more planetary gear mechanisms are being used in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) as multi-energy coupling mechanisms because of their compact structure, high transmission efficiency and strong load bearing capacity. In order to get all the planetary gear schemes that satisfy the requirements of topological characteristics and select the optimal scheme for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Planetary Gear Coupling Mechanism (HEV-PGCM) as the references for the following analysis and structure design. Firstly, a variety of HEV-PGCM schemes with required topological characteristics are designed by applying the Creative Design Method. Secondly, according to the design requirements of planetary gear transmission and HEV power coupling mechanism, combined with Matrix Theory, the scheme evaluating indicators and method for HEV-PGCM are presented and used for scheme analysis and optimal selection. The results indicate that this method is general for common use and it can provide reference schemes for the following structure parameter design and analysis of HEV-PGCM.

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