In this paper a multiphysics simulation of nanotube based nano-electromechanical systems is reported. Assuming continuum mechanics, the nonlinear deformation of the nanotube is simulated using reduced order modeling method. In particular, we study singly and doubly clamped nanotubes under electrostatic actuation. The simulation emphasizes the prediction of the pull-in voltage of the device, a key design parameter. Moreover, the nonlinear behavior associated with finite kinematics (i.e., large deformations), neglected in previous studies, are investigated in detail. The multiphysics simulation results agree well with the theoretical predictions verifying that the numerical model is valid. The results show that nonlinear kinematics results in an important increase in the pull-in voltage of doubly clamped nanotube devices, but that it is negligible in the case of singly clamped devices. These models provide a guide on the effect of the various geometrical variables and insight into the design of novel devices.

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